Brisk Iced Tea - #Briskmode

Brisk wanted to use Hispanic Heritage Month as a way to connect with Hispanic millenials. Instead of the traditional tribute to the greats of yesteryear, we chose to celebrate Hispanics who are blazing the creative trail to tomorrow.

So we came up with #BriskMode: the state of mind that lets creativity take over.

Involvement: Strategy, concepting, execution, production, pos

It lived as a month-long online contest for visual artists, musicians and fashion designers. The winners would be chosen by a creative master in each field. To promote it, we developed a series of videos profiling each of the judges. The #BriskMode Series lived on

On participants could also submit their entries, vote on their favorites and access the life hacks our judges use to get in #BriskMode.

Thanks to the PR push with our influencers we got some buzz on the blogs.


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