Courvoisier Brand Relaunch

Napoleon’s cognac started from scratch with new Brand Positioning, Tagline, Website, Social Media, Celebrity Sponsorship, and Print.

PrimaLoft Tent Talks - YouTube Series

To spearhead PrimaLoft’s foray into B2C we created Tent Talks: interviews that explore the outdoors from inside a tent.

American Family Insurance - One Day TV

We found out that Hispanics in the US value their car more than the average person. They've never stopped having a dream car, even if the car itself has changed.

Qwest - Outvelopes Direct Mail

To emphasize corporate transparency we created a DM campaign that had the information printed on the outside instead of concealed inside.

Cup of Copy

To launch Draftfcb’s new a reusable coffee cup we created a headline contest. The winning line would be featured on the design and the winner would get a year’s worth of free coffee.

Longform - Influencer Blog Post

To promote their Sonicare Line, Philips enlisted influencers to develop content around the toothbrush. I ghostwrote the blog entries for them. 
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