Amazon - The Real Mistake
How do you find quality female candidates for leadership positions? Get the trolls to help. (Social)

CS - The Lottery FantasyA bank reminds us that the answer isn’t more money, the answer is better choices.

Agency holiday card for clients and agency partners on Facebook Live. 8 hours of Christmas spirt.

Illinois Lottery - Always Right TV

Story of a real winner as proof that somebody’s gonna win the lottery, so it might as well be you.

Brisk Iced Tea - #BriskModeBriskmode is the state of mind that allows creativity to take over. (Instagram-based contest, video content, an online hub, PR and influencer support)

CenturyLink - Awkward Talks (TV & Radio)

Explaining to your kids why you don’t have Internet can get embarrassing.

Young Lions - Print Submission

The brief was to convince millenials to take concrete local action against world poverty.

McDonald’s - ScalesDigital, POP and OOH piece to promote the Filet-o-Fish

McDonald’s - Para pa pa paz
A world-famous becomes a shoutout to peace.

McDonald’s - Loveshot
Valentine’s Day activation to celebrate the love between our customers and our products.
Courvoisier Brand Relaunch

Napoleon’s cognac started from scratch with new Brand Positioning, Tagline, Website, Social Media, Celebrity Sponsorship, and Print.

PrimaLoft Tent Talks - YouTube Series

To spearhead PrimaLoft’s foray into B2C we created Tent Talks: interviews that explore the outdoors from inside a tent.

American Family Insurance - One Day TV

We found out that Hispanics in the US value their car more than the average person. They've never stopped having a dream car, even if the car itself has changed.

Qwest - Outvelopes Direct Mail

To emphasize corporate transparency we created a DM campaign that had the information printed on the outside instead of concealed inside.

Cup of Copy

To launch Draftfcb’s new a reusable coffee cup we created a headline contest. The winning line would be featured on the design and the winner would get a year’s worth of free coffee.

Longform - Influencer Blog Post

To promote their Sonicare Line, Philips enlisted influencers to develop content around the toothbrush. I ghostwrote the blog entries for them. 
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